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My struggle today:

What to write?  My childhood was….delete, delete, delete.  In my grandfather’s neighborhood in Akron, Ohio…delete, delete, delete.  Nora, aka, “Nornor” I only know….delete, delete, delete.  My work…delete.  My family….delete.

Chanapa’s struggle today:

In Thailand, born the exact same day as my son, she is 10 years old.  She has 1 set of clothes, a pair of shoes handed down through 2 sisters and is walking 40 minutes to school which she missed the last 10 days while in the fields with her mother.  She already walked 15 minutes this morning to help get the water for the day before eating a sticky rice ball for breakfast.  Walking down the dirt road, the sole of the left shoe torn and flopping awkwardly she smiles and sings a song to the birds who are singing to God.  She wonders if get a letter today  maybe with some stickers.  On the road 20 minutes down she meets her friend, Pinki.  With huge grins they embrace and skip and chat and continue towards school.

thai village (from



Family Physician

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