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“You make me feel like a natural woman”

Aretha Franklin 1968

That’s what came immediately to my mind when I read the prompt.

I spent years and years trying to be someone I was not.  In 2009 God helped me see clearly that He created me and hardwired me a certain way for a certain purpose.  He appreciates the “natural” me:  baby-lover, MMA fighter, physician, seamstress, entrepreneur, Brazilian Juijitsu competitor, introvert, redeemed sinner, tenacious wife, Redskins fan, 2nd amendment advocate, missionary, church-goer, child sponsor, family cheerleader, insomniac, non-singer (joyful noise maker), one-of-a-kind child of God.

Love your neighbor as yourself.  The command includes loving yourself and accepting yourself exactly the way you were created.  Each person, created in God’s image, can reflect a tiny sliver of who God is.  I love seeing all the slivers and look forward to the day when I get to see the whole picture!

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Family Physician

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