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1979 – any given summer day in Maryland suburbs

Franklin Knolls pool:  Mom drops Becky and I off at 7:30 a.m. for frigid swim lessons.  We have our supplies for the day – sunscreen, towels, lunch, 50 cents each for the snack bar.  She will pick us up after work at 4 p.m.  If it thunders we are to hitch a ride home with someone from our neighborhood.

It sounded like:  My Sharona, Knock on Wood, Endless Love, The Logical Song, Shake Your Groove Thing, YMCA, We Are Family, Don’t Bring Me Down and Le Freak.

It tasted like:  Ring pops, Bubble Burger Gum, Pop Rocks and Pixie Stix.

It smelled like:  Chlorine, freshly mowed grass, hot asphalt and dirt.

It looked like:  Blue and white umbrellas, Speedo bathing suits, deep SPF 2 tans, Lady Di and Dorothy Hammil haircuts, combs in back pockets of Sassoon jean shorts, terry cloth strapless tops and zoris.

It felt like:  Solarcaine and sunburns, plastic chaise lounges sticking to legs, rough pool bottom tearing up toes, cool clear pool water 45 minutes of every hour, sweat, happy exhaustion.

Good times.



Family Physician

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