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2 hydrogens and 1 little oxygen stuck together with chemical bonds  –  H2O.  Without it, life would cease on this planet.  71% of the surface of the planet is covered with water.  Humans cannot live more than about 3 days without water.  60% of the human body is composed of water.  The  functions of every cell are dependent on water molecules – not only to plump up cells but also for a myriad of chemical functions – transporting signals from the outside of the cell to the inside and back again, taking nutrients inside the cell and transporting the waste out, sparking reactions that direct crucial cell functions and keep cells alive, helping transform chemical energy into electrical energy so nerve impulses can travel.

According to WHO 1 billion people on our planet do not have access to clean water and every year 2 million people die due to lack of clean drinking water.

Every once in a while I focus on water in my life.  This usually pops into my head on the days when I write letters to the kids I sponsor through Compassion International.  Some of those kids walk miles to get water (often not sanitary) to use for their daily needs.  Try this some day – make a mental note every time you use clean, instantly-accessible water in the course of your day.  It’s a blessing I take completely for granted.

Brush teeth.  Take shower.  Flush toilet.  Make coffee.  Wash hands.  Wash dishes.  Water violets.  Fill dog bowl.  Make macaroni & cheese.  Run washing machine.  Rinse muddy child.  Shave legs.  Slurp water at gym.  Splash water on face and neck at gym.  Make stir fry sauce.  Boil rice.  Wash dishes.  Wash more clothes. Wipe down counters and stove top.   Flush toilet a few more times.  Bathe children.  Mop kitchen floor.  Take bath to soothe aching back.  Brush teeth.

The EPA says I use 80-100 gallons of water a day as an average American.  According to the UN many people in Africa have to get by on about 2 quarts a day.  Apparently I use that much water in my shower.  In 1.5 minutes.




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