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54 Perfect BJJ Techniques


Coach Brad sent this YouTube link out to us all:

Draculino BJJ

Being old (for juijitsu – they never have masters divisions for women at age 48) – I have to pick the moves that allow me to get a takedown with the least amount of energy.  Then I need to go straight into a submission (so the match is over) or side control (so I can rest).

IMG_4314 (1)
Can you find me? I’m the second shortest one (the shortest is the 9 year old kid).

I do really like this video – these are the moves I’m going to try out in the gym the next few weeks and see if any can fit into my Geriatric Game Plan:

Twisted &Hook trap (0:15)

Baiana takedown (0:02)

High Crotch with Elbow Trap (0:29)

Modified kouti-gari (1:04)

Modified Cowboy Choke (6:49)

Step Over Choke (7:07)

The Killer Choke (8:16)

Lapel Chokes from Closed Guard (9:32)

Simple Lagartixa Sweep (11:03)

High Knee Sweep from Spider Guard (11:37)



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