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September 10th Yard Sale!!

We need donated items for our yard sale on September 10th!  All proceeds will go towards our Guatemala trip next year.  Donate your junk and then come by on the 10th and buy someone else’s junk – all for a great cause.  We will also have a grill going for some last late summer BBQ!

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Who wants to go next year??

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If anyone is interested in going with us next year, please let me know.  We are already beginning our fundraising efforts and need to know who is ready and willing to help!  Go to serve, come back changed forever!









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Faith & Works….

Faith & works – 2 sides, same coin.   There is no faith without action and action without faith is ultimately hollow and purposeless.

His mama got him one of the donated onesies (thank you Moms)!! I believe this little one has an underlying neurological disorder like CP and so his malnutrition stems from his inability to feed. His mama did everything she possibly could to help him eat but she needed help. Thank God for His workers and His practical love shown through Hope of Life.

This little guy is mightily loved by his mama. By those who found him, rescued him and helped him in his desperate time of need. And most importantly loved by God! El-Shaddai! Creator of the universe and Author of life!

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How God Does It!

Last year, after I came home from my first trip to Guatemala with World Help, I sent a quick email to Claudia. I had a lot of people ask if we had glasses in the clinics so I suggested that we collect some glasses to take down next year. And look what God did!!

Inventory of 2,000 pairs of glasses

Sees her daughter’s beautiful face clearly