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Daily Prompt – Yellow

Yellow is my favorite color!

I think of all colors in terms of the Crayola Box:

Yellow-Orange, Banana Mania, Maize, Orange-Yellow, Goldenrod, Dandelion, Yellow, Green-Yellow, Middle-Yellow, Maximum-Yellow, Canary, Lemon-Yellow.

I have a lot of yellow childhood memories.

Yellow-orange:  Traveling to Florida and Disney World with my parents, sister and grandparents (18 hour drive in station wagon); we got these little plastic devices that you pushed into a ripe orange and could slurp the orange juice out of it!

Green-Yellow:  My grandparents bought hats for Becky and I one Easter.  They were little bucket hats designed to look like a cat head.  In the brim there were yellow plastic “eyes” that you could look through – it made the whole world tinted yellow.  I loved to look through those lenses on a rainy, ugly day and make it pretty!

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Middle-yellow:  Yellow gingham curtains and bedspreads.  My sister and I shared a bedroom when we were little.  My mother, the amazing seamstress and tailor that she was, made the bedspreads and curtains out of yellow gingham.  I spent a LOT of time in the presences of yellow as a kid!  I wonder if that’s why I can’t help being an optimist even when my world crashes?

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