About Heart2Go



  • Non-profit organization


  • Brain-child of Dr. Susan Arnoult – Family Practice Physician in Pennsylvania


  • To raise funds for yearly medical mission trips to Hope of Life International through World Help
  • To connect health care professionals with a heart to serve WITH the organizations that need those servants


  • Continue fundraising efforts
  • This year we are taking 5 people on the trip from our area – next year we hope to double that!
  • Improve website to include:
    • Ability to donate
    • Ability to purchase items for sale
    • Create a Medical Mission Information Hub
      • Post organizations’ upcoming medical mission trips – where, when, how much, health care needs for that trip (nurse, doctor, PT, speech therapist, pharmacist, EMT, medical assistant, ¬†baby-cuddler, etc…)
      • Create a resource for health care professionals to browse the available trips and get the information they need to GO!!
  • Expand locally – PA, WV, MD – to recruit providers with a heart to go
  • Expand globally – at first in Guatemala and then to other impoverished areas where health care is needed
  • Always be ready to change course as the Lord directs!!!






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