Why Guatemala?

As a Family Doctor I generally love people.  I love being a human mechanic – a fixer of the world’s most amazing and complicated machine.  I love listening to peoples’ stories.  I love the fact that the most “diverse” among us are all really very similar at heart and have much more in common than one would ever think.  God is good and we are made in His image.

But that’s not how I ended up in Guatemala on a medical mission trip.  I really never set out to do a medical mission per se.  I have 4 kids and when my 3 older daughters were headed to high school I told them all that I wanted them to take Spanish.  As a youngster, I took French, German, Russian, Latin and Chinese but never took a Spanish class.  That has turned out to be a poor choice!  I promised them that if they took 4 years of Spanish and the AP class and took the AP Spanish exam I would take them on a mission trip to a Spanish speaking country.

Now my original thought was that I would go visit one of the children I sponsor through Compassion International in Mexico or the Dominican Republic.  But when my 2nd daughter completed the challenge (the oldest took French) I had to make good on my promise and there were no trips available that summer to Mexico or the DR.  Thinking about my options I remembered 15 years back a presentation in my church about some organization that “rescued babies in the mountains” of Guatemala.  So I googled.  And I found World Help and their medical mission trip to Hope of Life International in Zacapa, Guatemala.  Without knowing much more than that I signed us up and the story of Heart2Go began!