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September 10th Yard Sale!!

We need donated items for our yard sale on September 10th!  All proceeds will go towards our Guatemala trip next year.  Donate your junk and then come by on the 10th and buy someone else’s junk – all for a great cause.  We will also have a grill going for some last late summer BBQ!

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Fibromyalgia Awareness Totes


I have a special place in my heart for Fibromyalgia patients.  In my 16 years of private family practice I had a very large collection of FMS patients.  This was mostly because I “believed” that they had pain and that FMS was a “real” thing.  More and more research is being done to try and clarify the abnormalities in the nervous system and develop treatments.  Unfortunately, many patients are still told it’s “all in your head”.  I guess that’s where the brain is and the nervous system begins.  So technically, it may be in their heads!

These 3 tote bags have already “sold” for donations to the medical mission trip.  It’s coming up VERY FAST – August 5 – 14!!!  Stay tuned on the blog to see what we are doing each day.  So far we’ve raised almost $5,000 towards the trip!  The expenses for 4.5 out of 5 of us from Greencastle, PA have been covered!  We haven’t decided who is only half-going yet…

God is good.   All. The. Time.