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Who, what and why!

Today’s assignment is to blog about who I am and why I’m here.  I am the adopted daughter of Tom and Linda, born of Carol (bless her heart), raised in suburbia with my sister, Becky.  College, marriage, med school, residency, 3 daughters, a few vacations, solo practice, 1 son, and group practice occupied my time from leaving my home on Locksley Lane to my Come to Jesus crisis at age 42.  And then a long overdue breath and respite.  A sabbatical from medicine.  An inventory of what matters.

What matters is loving and caring for others.  So I went to Guatemala on a medical mission trip last summer with my daughter and will go back.  My short-term goal is to raise money to continue taking medical teams to Guatemala.  My long term goal is to have a foundation to connect health care professionals with a heart to serve to the medical missions that need those servants.  And my eternal goal is to bring as many friends, old and new, along with me to heaven!